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More than 30,000 local residents want SmartDigital outdoor advertising. Tell the Austin City Council you do too!


SmartDigital outdoor advertising is a new way of networking digital billboards to the benefit of public safety, small businesses, and the visual environment. It also protects Austin's sign regulations from legal challenges, preserving local control of billboards.

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SmartDigital will create nearly 1,300 new local jobs and provide the city, county, and school district millions of dollars in new revenue without raising taxes.

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SmartDigital will give local law enforcement agencies new tools to locate missing children, apprehend fugitives, and improve traffic flow.


SmartDigital produces less light pollution than conventional billboards and is fully compliant with “dark sky” laws. It also reduces the use of PVC vinyl and removes service vehicles from local roads.


Austin is the only major metropolitan area in Texas without this technology.



What is SmartDigital outdoor advertising?

SmartDigital outdoor advertising is a new way of networking auto-dimming digital billboards to the benefit of public safety, small businesses, and the visual environment.

How will SmartDigital improve public safety?

The police and other public agencies can use SmartDigital free-of-charge to broadcast AMBER and Silver Alerts featuring the faces of missing people, fugitive alerts, and weather and traffic advisories. The Austin Police Association and the Federal Bureau of Investigation both support SignOnAustin’s proposal to bring SmartDigital to Austin.

Will SmartDigital increase the number of billboards in Austin?

No. SignOnAustin has proposed converting a limited number of the area’s conventional billboards to SmartDigital, and the City of Austin will have control over their number and location.

How does SmartDigital promote local control of signs?

Austin maintains different regulations for billboard owners and owners of other types of signs, a practice that the state's court system recently found unconstitutional. By implementing SmartDigital, Austin can continue to control the number and location of local billboards without fear of a legal challenge.

Are SmartDigital billboards bright and distracting?

No. Unlike conventional billboards, SmartDigital outdoor advertising dims automatically at night. It will reduce light pollution in Austin, not increase it. The Federal Highway Administration and the Texas Department of Public Safety have also determined that SmartDigital is safe for passing motorists.

Who is SignOnAustin?

SignOnAustin is a coalition of Austin-based employers, law enforcement agencies, and community groups that believe the city needs a network of outdoor advertising befitting its reputation as a hub of digital technology.

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